Music and Meditation

Dr. Amy Zabin leads participants in Music and Meditation sessions utilizing guided imagery while playing her flute, guitar, and crystal singing bowls. Often the settings are in quiet rooms within large institutions such as corporations or hospitals. Participants are sitting upright in chairs and the sessions generally last for 30 minutes.

She works with the principles of entrainment-slowing down the brain waves so that they become coordinated with the beat of the guitar-enabling listeners to quickly drop into a deep relaxation.

Specific chakras are opened as the crystal singing bowls are played. For the novice listener, the effect is an intense vibration experience from deep within.

Dr. Zabin then begins to offer a gentle, verbal guided meditation as she continues to play the crystal singing bowls-leading participants into a deeper state of relaxation, embedded with meaning.

She then begins to play the flute, interweaving melodies with the sounds and vibrations of the crystal singing bowls, allowing listeners to continue their own personal journeys.

Toward the end of the session Dr. Zabin gently draws the group together with the guitar. She uses reenergizing rhythms and words in order to enable participants to leave feeling rejuvenated.

Participants generally feel happier, more productive and less reactive/ more responsive for several days after each session. And they often comment that the verbal intentions embedded in the guided imagery become deeply meaningful and offer assistance in their daily lives.

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