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Dr. Amy Zabin, DA, is a Music Therapist. She utilizes live music in an intentional way in order to help others live healthier lives. Dr. Zabin consults at Stamford Hospital in Connecticut and maintains a private practice both in her studio and with clients in their homes or various facilities. Music Therapy is her passion; she has been a Music Therapist for over 35 years and is registered and board certified. All of her degrees—doctoral, masters and bachelors are in Music Therapy. Amy knew from a very young age that she would use music as a tool to help others, intuitively realizing that music was extremely powerful in healing.

Music activates areas in the limbic system to promote the release of endorphins and dopamine, which are two pleasure hormones. It also decreases levels of cortisol, a stress hormone. Listening to music can reduce pain, improve mood, lower blood pressure, increase cognitive function, alter brain waves and heart rates and bring better overall balance. Singing helps boost the immune system and research shows that when people sing together the same chemical is unleashed that is released during sexual activity, thus facilitating group bonding.  View Testimonials.

Music and Meditation

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